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The Coral Company and Panzica Construction have been selected by University Circle, Inc. to develop INTESA, a $100 million high-tech office complex with apartments, retail, and parking,  which will replace a 200-space parking lot at the edge of University Circle.  This 2.2 acre site which has a strong street presence on Mayfield Road,  is just west of the railroad tracks that border Little Italy.


Intesa will be fully integrated into the dense concentration of cultural, medical and educational institutions in the Circle and has been heralded as  “one of the most pivotal pieces of real estate,” and an important entrance point to  the district.


Buildings will range in size from 8-12 stories, with a shared first floor dedicated to retail and a second floor set aside for global communications companies, and technology displays. There will be 100,000 sf of office space, 96 apartments, and a building dedicated to student housing. Intesa's potential lies in its ability to support, attract and complement the activites in University Circle with an engaging interface, which will take advantage of the pedestrian routes throughout this neighborhood.


INTESA will run alongside a new rapid train station and as a transit hub, would offer the ability for commuters to get off the train and transfer to a bus or bike. Additionally, a 700-car parking garge will be able to accomodate the new tenants as well as visitors to the site, highlighting large parking deck walls, which will screen views and dampen noise associated with the rail traffic.




Technology. A "technology ribbon" - high tech briefing center will connect the entire complex, running across highly visible space on the 2nd floor of each building. Intesa will be used by blue chip tech companies, to connect to the economic, health care, arts + culture, and educational growth and intellectual firepower in University Circle. The building will accomodate demonstration rooms, collaboration suites, video conference infrastructure, and training facilities.


Companies will use the space as a high tech sandbox, bringing employees and customers in to show off and train on their newest digital inventions. In the most technologically advanced buildings in the City of Cleveland, technology will not stop at the second floor - the apartments, offices, and retail will all be wired for ultra-high speed broadband, a network which is hundreds of times faster than what Clevelanders use at home.


Sustainability. INTESA is a sustainable neighborhood untoitself - a transit oriented development that offers its residents, workers, and students the chance to walk, bike, bus, or take the rapid to and from work or school, reducing their carbon footprint. The team derived the massing for Intesa by removing the core from the Lot 45 block to create a civic space, and then pushing and pulling the massing to maximize daylight exposure into the buildings and into its central courtyard. The buildings themselves will be high tech, high performance buildings designed to minimize energy demand.


Culture. INTESA’S gateway buildings connecting University Circle and Little Italy will add to University Circle’s growing reputation for iconic architecture. The carefully balanced massing allows each building to be tied together on the lower 2 levels and yet individal enough to express a unique facade language along the upper floors. The office building on the corner will be the most prominent with a highly articulated dual glass facade that pulls back at significant locations in the building massing to reveal rooftop gardens.