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Westhampton at Crocker Park Case Study

Project: Westhampton at Crocker Park

Location: Westlake, OH

Category: Residential

Size: 125 units, $50 million

Coral Role: Developer / Builder / Sales Manager

Important Traits: Cooperation / Creative Design

When Stark Enterprises asked The Coral Company to be a part of its landmark mixed use development in Westlake, Crocker Park, Coral was eager to participate. The principles of Crocker Park – density, walkability, community, and public space – are exactly what Coral means by “building the city.”

Coral carefully designed Westhampton at Crocker Park to be a dense, pedestrian friendly neighborhood
with outstanding landscaping and architectural details, beautiful outdoor spaces, and a wide variety of housing options. There are four different housing unit types at Crocker Park, ranging from the vertical three-level City Lofts, built against the side wall of Dick’s Sporting Goods, to the 3,300 square foot Estate Home.

The Westhampton experience honed Coral’s skills building dense, attached housing. The variety of housing types with their varying architectural specifications, combined with the proximity to the stores, offices, and parking decks at Crocker Park, made the project particularly complicated. At every step, Coral used its trademark creativity and problem solving to turn these challenges into opportunities. The Crocker Park site plan called for a parking deck to be built right up to the edge of Coral’s Westhampton land. Seeking to maximize the full project site, Coral designed a row of City Loft townhomes to be built directly against the parking deck, with secure parking for the townhomes at the bottom level of this deck.

As is typical of Coral’s projects, Westhampton involved numerous stakeholders, and required cooperation between Coral, Stark Enterprises, the City of Westlake, and the communities immediately adjacent to the Westhampton site. Coral worked closely with the owners in the Savannah Estates neighborhood, less than 50 feet from the Westhampton property line, to landscape the property line and minimize construction impact.