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We’re very proud of our services, but don’t take our word for it. Find out what our homeowners and clients have to say about their experience. Coral is a “relationship company”. Our relationship with you doesn’t end when we hand you the keys. That’s why we are consistently recognized as having one of the finest customer care programs in the region.


The Pinnacle

Good Afternoon Mr. Rubin

We want to take the moment to email you and let you know how happy we are with the work that Ibrahima Ezzedine  is doing for us at Pinnacle.  Last week Saturday we had the alarm go off he was here immediately same thing again happened in middle of the night Sunday and again he was here for hours . He always goes above and beyond to make Pinnacle a true home for us and we are extremely thankful.  He is truly an asset to us and everyone at Pinnacle.

Lastly , La Tanya Bolden.  She is also doing an amazing work and is very professional.


Fatemeh & Morteza 

Westhampton at Crocker Park

Dear Joan,

I just wanted to let you know how great it has been working with the Coral Company! You have been a rock through the initial procedures. Through the purchasing right to selections! Calming our fears and being our cheerleader when I wasn’t sure about the townhouse. You were right I Love it!

I wanted also to tell you how wonderful Dustin and Steve have been! They are always looking out for us. Making sure that our driveway is clear so that we can get out and helping me when I need it! Even helping carry my pumpkins to my front porch!  For a young man Dustin handles the building of our community with both professionalism and consideration always showing a concern for those of us that are right in the heat of the new construction!

Steve also goes the extra mile to make sure that if we need anything whether he is on the clock or not that he will be there! Coral is very lucky to have that kind of devotion from all of you! It has made our move absolutely the best experience!

Once again thank you so much!  Looking forward to our growth as a community and further relationship with all of you!


Phil and Barb  

“The convienences right outside your door are so incredible, that I decided to build a home at Westhampton. It is the best place to live in Ohio! I bought my condo from Coral in May of 2013, which was a very busy year for me, both personally and professionally. I committed myself to this process and was able to move into my new home in record time. I believe this would have never happened, without the great team at Coral.

My first contact was with Joan Mennett, who facilitated every step and made purchasing a home very easy and pleasant. She was extremely helpful and even referred me to to a bank that gave me the best interest rate. Joan introduced me to Dustin who was in charge of overseeing the entire construction process, and a pleasure to work with.

The quality of my home is second to none. My experience with Coral has been outstanding. Their business ethics, people skills, and commitment to excellence are top notch. By the way, this is the 3rd house I have built in my life time. Coral’s team is the best I have ever worked with!”

Dr. Abdelaziz Saleh,
Physician at the Cleveland Clinic

“It has been my pleasure in working with the entire Coral Company team in the building and selection process of my city townhome in Crocker Park. The entire process from start to finish has been a breeze. I did not experience any problems beginning with the purchasing, selections, building and trades, and closing. The communication was topnotch. Notes were taken and information was conveyed to all involved. I have built homes before in which the process was nightmarish. Coral Company should be the model as to how to run a company. I cannot say enough good things about this company and my experience.”

Donna Caponi 

University Lofts

Good Morning Mr. Rubin, 

I hope this e-mail finds you well.  I am a resident of University Lofts and wanted to touch base with you on your property manager, Alexis Wellman.  But first, a little background.

 I have lived in downtown Cleveland for most of the last 7 years. I started at the Chesterfield when I finished undergrad, moved to National Terminal a year later, moved to Columbus for a quick year, moved back to Cleveland to be the first resident of the Lofts at Rosetta. During my time at the Lofts at Rosetta I met my fiancé (Bobbi, copied) who was living at Reserve Square. I have friends at many other locations in town, Bridgeview, Bingham, Stonebridge, Huron Place, 668, East 4th, the list goes on and on. I appreciate you sticking with me 🙂 I am getting to the point.

 I have interacted with no less than 10-15 property managers in my time either through living, touring or visiting locations, none come even close the job that Alexis has done in our time here (March 2014). It has blown us away. And this is to highlight the fact that it hasn’t been all roses. We had a bit of an issue with sound coming from a neighbor, all times of day and night, bass, shaking our apartment, very frustrating. We tried to be conscientious neighbors but they were unable to follow through with keeping their music down. Alexis stepped in immediately upon our request, checked back with us frequently. The apartment no longer shakes!

We had a quick move in date, Alexis bent over backwards to make sure we had what we needed. Easiest move I have to date (and I’ve moved 15 times in the last 13 years. The building is always clean. The little things are the most important, she knocks it out of the park. Things go the way you expect them to. You feel like you are taken care of, that if you need anything, you just ask Alexis, this apartment feels like home. I hope there is some kind of recognition that you can give or award she may be up for, her holiday present from us will certainly reflect how we feel.

 I don’t think that people take the time to recognize when things go well, when we are able to overcome adversity. Alexis just gets things done, always with a smile, always hoping to make it better. If other property managers in your organization are modeled after her, great, if not, they should be. She is the beacon of what a property manager should be. Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity whenever it is that you did. She is awesome. (and with full occupancy or close to, hopefully hitting your profitability goals as a property as well). She is the epitome of A+ service in our great home of Cleveland.

 Thanks for taking the time.  And please thank her for us.

 Kind Regards,
 Charlie and Bobbi
 Univeristy Lofts


Pinnacle Condominiums

“Teresa, we both want to thank you and your crew, especially Ibrahim and LaTanya for the hard work that you have been doing for the past month. We greatly appreciate how you have taken care of us and made our lives so comfortable.”

Fatemeh & Morteza

Aurora Commons

“The Coral Company has been able to maintain a high level of occupancy at Aurora Commons, while working closely with ownership to sort out a host of lingering management issues we faced. Having a local present has been vital to our ability to succeed at this property.”

Michael Steele
Executive Vice President and COO

Bainbrook HOA

“We think Coral is the best ! Great team you have over there…great teams are built by great leaders.”

Debra K. Cifani, MSN. RN.
Board Member

W.T. Grant Lofts

“As a departing tenant of WT Grant Lofts in Cleveland I felt compelled to email you regarding your staff and my experience with them over the last eight months. They are professional, buttoned up and extremely responsive to tenant requests. Working directly with Veronica and Kelly on most issues I found myself confident my needs would be resolved in a timely manner. Jerome is not only great at the maintenance work he does, but he brings a positive energy and bright smile to every interaction I have had with him. All in all you’ve got something really great going with the staff you have in place, Peter. I am sure you’ll continue to fill the units with happy tenants.”

Taylor Evans
Global Recruitment & Event Coordinator
Continental Cup International Youth Sports Festival

W.T. Grant


I wanted to take a moment and compliment Jennifer Presser on her professionalism and demeanor as she showed my daughter, my wife and myself a rental unit at WT Grant Lofts in Cleveland, OH.  My daughter, Brooke, recently was hired by PR Newswire in Cleveland and is very excited about her new job and starting a new phase of her life.  She had limited time to find a place to live.  We were shocked to find how few available rental units there are in downtown Cleveland.  We had toured several units the two days before our visit at WT Grant Lofts.  The common theme was the rudeness of the associates showing the various units.  It was as if they were doing us a favor by taking the time to show the units.  All were in a similar price range to the unit at WT Grant.  It is quite obvious that Cleveland is a “sellers market” and these associates were well aware that if we didn’t buy the unit, someone else would.  It was actually stripping the joy from looking for an apartment from my daughter who was so excited to be moving to the city.  It was refreshing to have Jennifer handle herself in such a professional manner, with the unit we viewed being the only available one in the building.  She could have easily been as obnoxious as the other sales associates we had dealt with, but she maintained her decorum and took us on a very thorough tour, answering all of our questions along the way.  Her demeanor helped sell the apartment and we took it immediately.  As a professional who pays attention to detail, I was impressed by this young lady and she is an asset to your staff.  Brooke is very excited to move in on April 19th.

Charles J. Bogdan,MD
Canton, OH