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Coral Real Estate Services
Coral Real Estate brokers have experience with a wide variety of property types including retail centers, multifamily, offices, and land for development. Coral’s aggressive team approach to marketing our listings to outside brokerage companies provides our client’s with maximum exposure in the market. We have a successful track record in landlord representation, offering a consistent and professional approach to providing services as follows:


Define objectives, obtain property data & conduct initial property inspection

  • Personally meet with client to determine expectations and goals
  • Inspect and evaluate available space at subject property; obtain space & site plans
  • Assess property condition, functionality & marketability

Market Evaluation

  • Review current market conditions
  • Review recently completed lease transactions of comparable properties
  • Analyze leasing rates for comparable properties
  • Identify target groups

Marketing – Effectively expose the property to the market

  • Develop Leasing Brochure and flyer to create market positioning
  • Distribute listing to commercial real estate brokerage community to encourage co-brokerage activity


  • Review and qualify potential tenants; conduct property tours
  • Present all lease offers to the owner
  • Analyze offers, make recommendations to Owner on appropriate counter-offers and assist in negotiations
  • Assist in developing space plan and work letter for prospective tenant
  • Assist with the development of a lease agreement for prospective tenant
  • Assist owner and lessee during lease negotiation process
  • Monitor progress from final lease execution to occupancy by tenant

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