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Parkland Renter Enjoys Exquisite Views

Published: Sunday, June 03, 2012

By Patricia WrenThe Plain Dealer

Warren Grossman, Ph.D., enjoys living at The Parkland, an apartment building at the corner of Parkland Drive and Van Aken Boulevard in Shaker Heights.

His apartment “offers a vista that’s green and quiet,” he said. “It has huge windows that look out onto Shaker Heights Country Club. The view is exquisite now that it’s spring.”

He describes the five-story red brick building, managed by The Coral Company, as “really solid, with high ceilings and marble floors. The Shaker Rapid stops outside the front door, which is a big plus in this economy.”

His apartment has about 1,700 square feet with three bedrooms and two-and-a-half baths. His décor is “a combination of Bauhaus and antiques,” he said, “with gorgeous light from the windows.”

He is friendly with his neighbors. “I am the IT guy for many of my neighbors. It’s sweet. It’s nice to help other people.”

He added, “The average age of the residents here is about 30 to 80 years old. There are a lot of younger couples now, but no children. I miss not having children here.”

The 71-year-old psychologist had a near-death experience in 1987 that caused him to change the focus of his career. While vacationing in Brazil, he “picked up some kind of microorganism and was told that it would be fatal. I came back to Cleveland to die. I laid on my back for six months. Then one beautiful day, I decided to get up, I went outside, and I became healthy.”

This experience taught him the skills of a healer. “I use the energies of love and nature to make people healthier and happier.”

Dr. Grossman teaches the process that he uses to help heal others. He has written a book, To Be Healed by the Earth, which is available at

Having no formal training in writing, “It took me a long time to write the book,” he said.

He is very active at Cleveland State University, where he obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees. He recalls paying $185 per quarter while getting his undergraduate degree. He was granted a stipend while working on his master’s degree. He went to Kent State University for his doctorate because CSU didn’t have a doctoral program in psychology then.

“I am absolutely indebted to Cleveland State,” he said. He serves on the Visiting Committee of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science.

“Cleveland is a place of great riches,” he added, citing the city’s many theatre and music offerings.

He enjoys shopping at Whole Foods at Cedar and Warrensville Center Roads. “They have the freshest foods,” he said. He also shops at the farmer’s market at Shaker Square, describing it as “charming.”

A vegan, he likes Tommy’s Restaurant on Coventry. “I grew up at Tommy’s,” he said, recalling the days when Tommy worked at a drugstore before starting his restaurant.