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Cedar Center North

Imagine a place where you can eat, shop, live and work.


Stroll the sidewalks, explore unique shops, dine with friends and family and take in a live outdoor performance or art exhibit.  Now visualize this as a part of South Euclid, a community gathering place where the diverse residents of South Euclid and beyond can experience a dynamic life.


The challenge of creating a plan with such an assortment of uses lies in their careful integration.  The key to this challenge is layering.  Residential over office over retail, spilling out onto the open and civic spaces, ensuring that Cedar Center North is a vibrant neighborhood, an inviting and alluring place.


Buzzing with activity and enclosed by surrounding buildings, the outdoor civic space takes its place as the heart of Cedar Center North – a captivating outdoor room.  Shops and restaurants in the central building anchor the neighborhood and breathe life into the streetscape, while offices and residences above complete the vertical integration.


Designed purposefully for their pedestrian experience and convenient use, and thoughtfully placed for sensitivity to existing buildings in the surrounding area, the east and west edge retail buildings complete the corridor along Cedar Road.  Second floor civic space in the east edge building creates a perfect setting for community meetings, classes or gallery space.


Designed around a grid, careful transportation planning integrates the project site into the existing landscape – east to west and north to south.  Cars and pedestrians move safely and conveniently throughout the District, across Cedar Road and into the surrounding neighborhood.  Building a well-suited tenant mix is another key to the success of this project.  The Cedar Center District is our home, affording us a unique understanding of its people and places.  We are committed to providing a variety of restaurant choices from short term eateries to fine dining and to attracting unique retail merchants to complement and add to surrounding uses.


The redevelopment of Cedar Center North is a once in a generation opportunity to build upon the successes of other area projects, to weave together the distinct personalities of each of the four corners, transforming them into a singular District – made complete by an indoor and outdoor central gathering place.