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University Lofts

Good Morning Mr. Rubin, 

I hope this e-mail finds you well.  I am a resident of University Lofts and wanted to touch base with you on your property manager, Alexis Wellman.  But first, a little background.

 I have lived in downtown Cleveland for most of the last 7 years. I started at the Chesterfield when I finished undergrad, moved to National Terminal a year later, moved to Columbus for a quick year, moved back to Cleveland to be the first resident of the Lofts at Rosetta. During my time at the Lofts at Rosetta I met my fiancé (Bobbi, copied) who was living at Reserve Square. I have friends at many other locations in town, Bridgeview, Bingham, Stonebridge, Huron Place, 668, East 4th, the list goes on and on. I appreciate you sticking with me 🙂 I am getting to the point.

 I have interacted with no less than 10-15 property managers in my time either through living, touring or visiting locations, none come even close the job that Alexis has done in our time here (March 2014). It has blown us away. And this is to highlight the fact that it hasn’t been all roses. We had a bit of an issue with sound coming from a neighbor, all times of day and night, bass, shaking our apartment, very frustrating. We tried to be conscientious neighbors but they were unable to follow through with keeping their music down. Alexis stepped in immediately upon our request, checked back with us frequently. The apartment no longer shakes!

We had a quick move in date, Alexis bent over backwards to make sure we had what we needed. Easiest move I have to date (and I’ve moved 15 times in the last 13 years. The building is always clean. The little things are the most important, she knocks it out of the park. Things go the way you expect them to. You feel like you are taken care of, that if you need anything, you just ask Alexis, this apartment feels like home. I hope there is some kind of recognition that you can give or award she may be up for, her holiday present from us will certainly reflect how we feel.

 I don’t think that people take the time to recognize when things go well, when we are able to overcome adversity. Alexis just gets things done, always with a smile, always hoping to make it better. If other property managers in your organization are modeled after her, great, if not, they should be. She is the beacon of what a property manager should be. Thank you so much for giving her the opportunity whenever it is that you did. She is awesome. (and with full occupancy or close to, hopefully hitting your profitability goals as a property as well). She is the epitome of A+ service in our great home of Cleveland.

 Thanks for taking the time.  And please thank her for us.

 Kind Regards,
 Charlie and Bobbi
 Univeristy Lofts