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The Courtyards Case Study



CATEGORY: Residential 

SIZE: 68 townhomes (10 acres)

CORAL ROLE: Developer / Builder / Sales Manager 

IMPORTANT TRAITS: Smart Density / Strategic Process 

The Coral Company purchased the vacant former office campus of Austin Company on the ring road
around Severance Town Center, itself a redeveloped mall property in an ideal location close to University
Circle. The vision for Courtyards was a dense, residential neighborhood with unique designs and unit configurations centered around European-style courtyards.  The unit designs at Courtyards have won
numerous awards.

The Courtyards project is an excellent example of how Coral develops and executes its strategy.  The company carefully studied the demographics and housing market around Severance, identified a target market based on the site’s proximity to University Circle (doctors, interns, and university professionals), designed a product to meet their needs, and developed a sales and marketing strategy to attract them as buyers.  A substantial number of the current homeowners at Courtyards meet this profile.  

The site planning for Courtyards also demonstrates how Coral turns challenges into strategic advantages.  Proximity to the shopping at Severance is one of the site’s benefits, but traffic noise and views of the shopping center are not.  By orienting homes to face inner courtyards and extensively landscaping the perimeter of the property, Coral largely mitigated the noise and sightline issues.  Likewise, the location along Mayfield Road, a major thoroughfare, makes traveling downtown easy, but comes with the attendant noise and traffic.  Coral shielded the homes at Courtyards from Mayfield with berming and heavy landscaping, minimizing disturbance from traffic.  

Courtyards is an example of urban redevelopment and green preservation.  During the design phase, The Coral Company worked closely with the City of Cleveland Heights’ arborist to evaluate tree preservation. Alterations made to the site plan accommodated the preservation of trees and green space. In addition, The Coral Company left a mature 1 ½ acre wooded section untouched and dedicated it to the city.