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Shore Cultural Centre Case Study

Project: Shore Cultural Centre

Location: Euclid, OH

Category: Civic

Size: 100,000 SF building

Coral Role: Consultant / Strategic Planner / Manager

Important Traits: Strategic Planning / Community Engagement

Shore Cultural Centre is a city-owned community arts and cultural center housed in a historic high school building on a critical intersection in downtown Euclid.  Shore has struggled financially and programmatically
in twenty-plus years the City has owned and operated it, never quite meeting the potential that was envisioned for it when it was first converted from a school building.  Last year, facing mounting operating deficits, the City issued an RFP asking a simple question – what should the City do with Shore?

The Coral Company responded to the RFP with a two-pronged approach – immediate professional management of the building and a community-based strategic planning process to put together, for the first time in its history, a comprehensive five-year strategic plan for Shore.

Once the City selected the Coral proposal, we immediately took charge of the building, stabilizing its operations, implementing low-cost steps to improve the cleanliness and look of the building, and bringing in an energized and committed staff to run its operations.  During a 120-day strategic planning process, Coral held community meetings, interviewed key stakeholders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, and analyzed the operations, finances, and capital needs of the building.  The result was a comprehensive strategic plan, laying out a mission, vision, organizational values, and strategic objectives that have put Shore on a successful course.  Since the plan was finalized, major efforts are underway to enhance revenue streams at Shore, restructure the nonprofit board that supports the building, reduce operating costs, re-brand and re-market the building, and raise its profile in the community.

The Shore Cultural Centre project is an excellent example of how Coral brings its diverse set of skills and experience to bear on a complex project.  During the course of the Shore project, Coral utilized its experience from professionally managing tens of thousands of square feet of commercial and office space, its background in commercial leasing, its ability to work well with local municipalities, community relations skills built from years of consensus building in development after development, and the in-depth knowledge of nonprofits and arts and cultural institutions brought by Coral’s executives.  This unique blend of skills makes Coral an invaluable consulting partner for municipalities and private sector clients alike.